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Humphrey's persona and tactics in the Senate led to his nickname of "The Happy Warrior".Humphrey first entered presidential politics in 1952 running as a favorite son candidate in Minnesota.

President Johnson's popularity had plummeted as the election grew closer.

which led many Americans to believe that the North Vietnamese were stronger than had been reported, and that the war was not nearing an end.

From this point, most Americans either believed that the war should be escalated to completely destroy the enemy or that all American troops should be withdrawn from Vietnam to prevent the use of any more resources for the "hopeless task".

This traditional approach was criticized by the other candidates, who hoped to win the nomination from popular support.

Robert Kennedy was assassinated in June 1968, leaving Mc Carthy as his only opponent, until the 1968 Democratic National Convention, when Senator George Mc Govern of South Dakota ran as the successor of Kennedy.

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