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Unlike all other cases of English VOCALOIDs being used, however, this is the only case where the VOCALOID was a co-starring vocal as all other English VOCALOIDs were only used as singers in soundtrack related elements.

The project is by Natasha Allegri, notably recognized as the character designer and storyboard artist for popular cartoon series "Adventure Time".

Wikia / Wikipedia In Hyouka, episode 12-16, there are Miku, Rin, Len, and Luka cosplayers.

Wikia / Wikipedia In Kämpfer, episode 7, during the first half of the eye-catch you can see the character Mikoto wearing a recolored version of Miku's outfit. , episode 9, a recolored Miku is also seen at the school festival holding a stick in the shape of a leek.

He is also heard saying "Poo poo" in the Bee and Puppycat episode "Farmer" and "Pretty Patrick" in "Beach Cats".

This series is also acknowledged for being the first two videos to reach 1 million views using OLIVER's voice, as well as 1 million views using a Power FX VOCALOID.

In Episode 6, for Umaru's Birthday, Umaru has made a Wish List of all the things she wants and one of the items depicted is "figmo Migu", a parody of figma Miku.

In Episode 7, a Migu figure is shown on the shelf in the background at the mark in the episode after Umaru asks her brother Taihei to bring her a cola.

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Regular Life), Sweet ANN can be heard singing the words "Helvetica Standard", as well as being apart of the background music.However, she later received a call in the middle of the night from Holman who told her that the decision had been changed and that Frederator would like to make it into a short.The story was inspired by Sailor Moon, the early 90's animation look in general, and another anime series called "Super Book".In Episode 5, Alex Tachibana, one of Taihei Doma's coworkers, is listening to a playlist from Hatsune Migu, a parody of Miku.Upon closer examination, one of the songs on the playlist looks like "みくみくにしてあげる♪ (Miku Miku ni Shite Ageru♪) and is shown to be about the same length ().

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