Stigma associated with online dating advice for dating a man with a child

Fantasy fiction suffers from this as well to a similar extent due to the difficulty of defining the line between science fiction and fantasy.

In fact, fantasy fiction often has it even worse, as it is speculative in a completely implausible way (science fiction is just implausible).

None other than famed horror director John Carpenter once remarked that horror is viewed by the mainstream as being just a notch above pornography.

On a related note, Porn with Plot often falls into the ghetto, no matter how good the story is.

Some authors that critics considered to be "postmodern" even had spoken out publicly that their works do not fit that genre.

Even accepted classics of the genre can get so caught up in the hypothesis they're developing that they can be lacking in other literary merits.It also reflects the tendency for critics, academics and other creators to near-automatically dismiss or disdain works which cannot escape this label being applied, regardless of relative quality or merit.Conversely, if these critics, creators and academics science fiction or fantasy (How could it be?This attitude, of course, tends to overlook the fact that it also takes energy, creativity and imagination to construct a fine non-Science Fiction work, and can be indicative of a similar kind of snobbery to that which creates the idea of this Ghetto in the first place.It's important to remember that the Ghetto isn't bad because "quality" literature or cinema is bad; it's bad because it assumes science fiction, fantasy, horror and romance cannot be quality literature or cinema.

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