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Later, it became famous worldwide and tourists came along.I found this place to be a very nice environment to just kick back and smoke a reefer. Yes, a reefer is what they call a marijuana joint in Amsterdam because a joint in Amsterdam would be combined of both cannabis and tobacco.Reason being, that you're not the only one around and she might just go private with someone who's quicker than you.Red Light District consists of a network of alleys containing approximately 300 tiny one-room cabins rented by prostitutes who offer their sexual services from behind a window or glass door, typically illuminated with red lights—hence the name, Red Light District.The virtual world is built to the actual surroundings so if you ever went to Amsterdam you might recognize some things.One thing we all will regocnize in Camster Damn are the stunning girls.These webcam girls are dancing around their rooms in their bikini's, waiting for you to come inside.

It later became a small coffeeshop where his friends could secretly buy some weed.

— FACEPALM -.-However, the quality was excellent and there was a huge variety of weed. Throughout the alleys, the rows of windows are filled with women awaiting their next customer.

Almost all windows have red curtains, and clearly if one or more curtains of the windows are closed, the prostitutes are doing business.

I was told that these women typically pay around €100-150 for an 8-hour block to book the windows, so it would take them at least two clients to pay off the block and start making money to themselves. That means you will be paying for a transsexual instead of a female prostitute.

Transgenders and transvestites have blue lights as opposed to right lights over their windows— hence the name “Blue Light Special”The sex industry is popping in the Red Light District, and there about 20 sex shops, a Sex Museum, an Erotic Museum, live sex shows, brothels, and everything else sex-related you could imagine all on just one small street. You can find many sex shows that lasts at least 30-60 minutes for at least 25 Euros in the area, but if you don’t want to watch something that long or pay that much, you can watch a Sex Peep Show instead. It’s a sex show where you will be able to watch guy on girl, girl on girl, or solo girl performing sexual activities from a private booth for two minutes. Just like paying for a telephone call in a booth, but instead you will be paying to get a view of live sex for two whole minutes!

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