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Field representatives are available to meet with groups of parents to demonstrate the books. For those who want a traditional textbook approach, we recommend Beka. Families may want to start with Beka because it provides a complete program, then experiment with other materials as they become more experienced.Reviewed by Sherry and Matt Hennecke Contact information: A Beka School Services, PO Box 18000, Pensacola, FL 32523; (800) 874-3592 Grades covered: K-12 Cost: The "noncredit" program prices are 0 per grade (includes all subjects) for elementary or 5 per course for grades 7-12 or 0 for three to five subjects. As stated in their brochure, "the Video Home School features the master teachers of Pensacola Christian Academy in a traditional Christian classroom setting for the instruction of your child at home." Kindergarten through high school courses are available on either a credit or noncredit basis.And while we have tried to correct most grammatical errors, we have almost surely missed some. Specifically, any home-school parent who attends a non-instrumental, non-institutional church of Christ is welcome to submit additional reviews or even alterative viewpoints. Please quote each review entirely without changing the content in any way and cite the source as https://However, you are not free to place any review on a website or publish it in any publication, in print or on the Internet, without permission.Advanced Placement Courses American Adventure Series America's God and Country Books Children Love Anyone Can Homeschool Child Abuse in the Classroom Clair Bee Sports Books Creation Museum Dinner's in the Freezer Dr.

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This is the audience that we seek specifically to benefit.The teachers on the videos are, for the most part, excellent.The elementary teachers are nothing short of amazing as they involve the at-home students.Since various reviewers have participated, different viewpoints are reflected.Each reviewer is solely responsible for his/her own comments (although the editor has made changes for brevity and general suitability).

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