Newly dating christmas gifts

Allaga Take the Egyptian soul, wrap it up in some artsy designs and turn it into a gorgeous bag, and your friends have an Allaga piece right in the palm of their hands.Nootka Celebrating part of society rarely depicted outside of paintings; Nootka takes Nubian culture, art and taste and makes colorful masterpieces out of them.

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The elephant in the room for frugal gift giving is the question of whether to give gifts at all. Frugalwoods and I, for example, do not give gifts to each other because we see no point.We buy what we need throughout the year and neither of us wants a bunch of unneeded junk cluttering up our home.Prior to embracing frugality and understanding how much happier we are living a simpler life, we exchanged gifts and all it did was stress us out.Mostly, we look through places and what we find tends either to be too expensive or not related to Egyptian culture and while Khan El Khalili will always be a gem, and even the tourist traps that are souvenir stores have a gaudy, cute quality to them (fine, we have fridge magnets from everywhere, FINE) sometimes you want some other options.So if you want to gift your friends and family with something that reflects elements of the culture and that also happens to be soething that they’ll actually like, we’ve rounded up some homegrown Egyptian brands whose pieces have a distinctly ethnic touch to them but won’t break the bank.

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