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He also started to pull them apart using his thumbs down the crack of my ass while he manipulated the cheeks with the rest of his hand.As he continued this for a few minutes he kept going deeper and deeper down the crack of my ass then he changed and using his hands on my thighs ran his thumbs up the inside of my thighs till he came to my balls.

Moving back to kneeling above my head he started working on my chest and pectoral area paying attention to my nipples as well.I was looking through the local paper one day when I saw a small ad for male to male massage.Not certain about what it would entail but eager to find out anyway I called the number and got a recorded message.His touch was firm without being too hard and he started working some of the tension out of my shoulders while some fairly quiet classical music played.As he continued working on my back he leaned farther and farther over me till his hands were reaching to the top of my ass when he fully extended.

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