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He believes the cannabis incident recalled by Johnny (the father of TV and radio star Zoë Ball) was during a special nativity-play episode of Play School in the late Sixties, in which Jones, Ball and Morton played shepherds.

• From Mozart to movie music, Bach to Bernstein, opera to crossover, The New Classical 102.9 FM broadcasts the greatest music ..all time — plus news, local weather, interviews and live concert broadcasts along with local Community Arts and events happenings and vignette spotlights on the area.

Sitting in the sunshine by the pool at his California home, the former children’s TV presenter — an icon for millions of Britons who grew up watching Play School and Fingerbobs — waxes lyrical to me about life behind the scenes at the BBC in the Sixties and Seventies.

School for scandal: Rick Jones with Julie Stevens, Little Ted, Big Ted and Humpty.

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Financial freedom should leave room for you to live.

But at the comfortable home near San Francisco that he shares with his second wife Valerie, he appears to have given up the cannabis that he used to smoke so freely. or, in certain cases, drag them into a dressing room during a break.’Jones also recalls returning to Television Centre on one occasion in a trio of chauffeur-driven cars, after he and some other presenters had filmed the pilot for a children’s TV show that was never broadcast.‘I tumbled out of my limo, obviously having been in flagrante delicto with whoever the girl presenter was.

Even the supposedly squeaky-clean children’s TV star Sarah Greene admitted she got up to no good in one of them, although it was with her future husband, the Radio 1 DJ and BBC Breakfast Time presenter Mike Smith.‘And because you were in an enclosed space for 12 to 15 hours a day with one other human being — a girl — it was always tempting to go to the BBC bar and have a drink with them . I looked back and another presenter was doing exactly the same from his car — this time with a guy.

The New Classical 102.9 FM is an elegant alternative to existing offerings in the marketplace and brings the world’s most beautiful music to one of the world’s most beautiful settings.

Now you can listen to all classical all the time in Southern Georgian Bay and throughout Simcoe/Grey County.

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