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It’s a simple six step process: Register, fill out your interests and intentions, Stitch will show you people in the area, get matched, talk privately on the app and then meet when you’re ready.No personal information needs to be given until the user actually wants to.He is the back-up quarterback for the Dillon Panthers in the "Pilot" as a sophomore.Eventually, he is the starting quarterback for the Dillion Panthers in seasons 1 and 2.Crushed by Jason's injury, the town and particularly the team booster club force Coach Taylor to find a new quarterback because they do not believe that Matt can get the job done.

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Despite the upturn of events, Matt still struggles with feelings of inferiority and lack of confidence from time to time.

Stitch is running closed trials of their product in California and Australia.

High School Student and Back-up Quarterback for the Dillon Panthers ("Pilot," Season 1) High School Student and Starting Quarterback for the Dillon Panthers (Seasons 1-3) High School Student and Wide Receiver for the Dillon Panthers (Season 3) High School Student and Alamo Freeze Assistant Manager (Seasons 1-3) Community College Student and Panther Pizza Delivery Driver (Season 4) College Art Student (Season 4-present) Matthew "Matt" Saracen is a fictional character in the NBC/Direc TV (The 101 Network) television drama series Friday Night Lights portrayed by the actor, Zach Gilford.

He is the former back-up quarterback of the Dillon High School Panthers before being thrust into the starting spotlight after Jason Street suffers a career-ending injury.

His character is based on Mike Winchell from the source novel and the 2004 film Friday Night Lights.

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