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You can lead others, build deep lairs, create magical potions, or just pull off a few human heads.Exile Revolution is a text-based roleplaying site, mainly based in fantasy and science fiction genres.Contains links to PBP and Tabletop play groups if you'd like to join.

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We are a board that serves different genres of roleplays such as your basic fantasy and science-fiction. The False is a mature Gifted multi-genre role play forum (I.e. With various games and numerous genres available, you're sure to find something to suit. What do you do when an over-zealous industrial revolution leaves your world under a constant acid rain? Dedicated to those with ASDs, and those who wish to broaden their understanding. Please come check us out, we are small but with your help we can grow!You can attend Hogwarts, teach young witches and wizards, own a shop, or work at the ministry of magic. Gates of Aedolyn is a free form, play-by-post role playing game set in the high fantasy world of Aedolyn.The five gates [located across the land of Aedolyn] control order and chaos, and act as portals through time. The World of Role Play - Where Creative Freedom Reigns This IS the Free-Form Role Play site that you've been waiting for!!! This is not a place to role play, but a guide on how to build your own role play site.If you are a role-player, that actually enjoys RP and possesses unabashed creativity... A forum for all types of Nation Roleplay, from the past to the future. This guide teaches you which rules to add, how to deal with naughty members, and so much more!Pro Patria is a place where nations are actors in a complex ballet of war and peace. Learn how to get what you want from your role play site here!

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