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Akin to how the internet affected video, for example, or in turn how video affected adult theaters.

Earlier you reviewed a couple movies and made the comment "I wouldn't recommend paying any actual money to see either." One can interpret that a few ways; it's none of my business if you only seek out free stuff off the net. So if you're used to paying nothing, anything you pay for is going to be more than you usually spend on entertainment, right?

As far as what my views are on filesharing, well, people probably know by now. I do believe in supporting artists whose work you enjoy, though.

Generally speaking though I don't view the problems associated with internet copyright as "good" or "bad", just as an evolution that people are going to have to adjust to.

Yes Ralphus man i am here to save you from yourself.

I remember the excited about the release of Maleficarum, when it started on this board and i too was very excited but it seems like years that this Movie has been promoted in here and i for one am so sick of hearing about it over and over and over no offence.

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