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But it’s not restricted to just those nights of course.They’ve got DJs and a late license every night of the week, so you’ve got plenty of opportunities to find that Mr or Mrs.After thinking for a while I settled on a couple of different possible answers.First, at night we tend to only be with people that we really care about. It's the time we don't have to share with anyone else.I've found that a great way to start one of these sought after long talks is to get someone one-on-one, who you feel comfortable with and enjoy, in an area that doesn't have a lot of distractions and then just start talking.It might start out as trivial at first but eventually you'll stumble upon some topic that makes you want to talk forever and never want to stop.There’s 3 floors, a venue, and a smoking area for you to find someone.

Second, at night we stop having to think about what's happening around us, if we're being the best version of ourselves, if we are where we're supposed to be at that time, and all the things that we have to keep at the forefront of our minds during the day.One of the busiest bars in Dublin and packed with single people having late night fun every night of the week.I think we’ve said ‘dance’ and ‘chat’ in enough varied ways by now for you to get the idea.It’s as popular with locals as it is with tourists.Have a bit of a dance upstairs, and then come down for a chat once you’ve broken away from your friends. Whelans has been the home of music lovers in Dublin for 20 years now and it’s also served as the incubator for many budding relationships.

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    " and you have to lie and say "Oh he'll be here any minute" and you don't really know if he'll be there or not.