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After an initial small run of hand-signed guitars which were sold exclusively at auction, the model went into regular limited production, with a run of 5 years (04-08).

For those who recall, this is a replica of the B&W guitar Ed played during the first Van Halen album, thus its referred to as the VH1.

These frets are a great compromise between the original vintage frets and modern jumbos like 6105s.

The 0152s are slightly lower but slightly wider than jumbo 6105.

It features a custom-striped basswood body outfitted with a special-wound EVH humbucker, Floyd Rose Original locking vibrato with D-Tuna, and Schaller M6 tuners.

Singing along with the harmonizer for 3-part harmony you can hit, for instance, an A chord and the harmonies for an A; switch to an Am and the middle harmony automatically goes down a step for a perfect minor harmony.It provides outputs for connecting directly to recording equipment, an external amplifier or PA system, or to headphones for late night practicing.Lovely CE-22 upgraded with a fine set of Suhr pickups with an SSV neck and SSH bridge, complete with 3-way switch and push/pull tone pot for 6 killer tones.Boss VE-8 Acoustic Singer Guitar/Vocal Processor, (pic2), (back), (stock pic).Killer multi-effect for singer/songwriter types or anyone who wants a single device to amplify their acoustic guitar, add vocal harmonies, and sweeten the mix in numerous ways.

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