Eli clare degrassi dating

The two begin talking about what happened the night before and their own relationship, which they both seem comfortable in.

Jake says he’ll cancel with Katie for movie night and can hang out.

When Clare and Jake were children, the two weren't necessarily close.

Jake tells Clare that Alli kissed him, which leads to Clare cutting off ties with Alli and she begins dating Jake again.While Clare is dealing with the aftermath of Asher assaulting her, Jake is seen comforting and trying to help Clare as best as he can, even by beating up the hockey team since they were bugging Clare.In Love Game, Jake and his father Glen come to visit Helen and Clare. Later at dinner, their parents suggest they go to the party at Above the Dot, where Jake meets her friends.After reading the papers she worries that she will get hurt in her relationship.Clare tells Jake simply that she thinks they aren’t casual anymore, and that he should go to movie night. Later, Clare decides that the best way to cope is to go to movie night as well.

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