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Pro Coaches are Level 1 and Level 2 Certified Coaches who’ve partnered with us to use our online coaching tools and curriculum.There are currently 9,743 Precision Nutrition Certified coaches in 107 countries.It feels like an orgy and I know her dad can’t be too happy about her actions especially in the public eye.Callie Rivers was linked to NBA baller Paul George of Indiana Pacers.Although her brother Austin Rivers is the topic of discussion with Duke getting bounced out of the NCAA Tournament, Callie has never had a problem garnering her own attention.

Down the road at UNC was Callie’s then boyfriend Dexter Strickland.This was especially true when catching the eye of her brother’s rival and boo-thang Dexter Strickland who plays for the Tarheels of the University of North Carolina.Callie has been watching her brother play at Duke a lot recently and with Dexter playing right down the road at UNC the two have been spending a lot of “qualtiy time” together!For those that were unaware, Doc Rivers wife Kris is of the caucasian persuasion and their swirly love thang has produced a beautiful daughter.Fellas, Callie is a BAD muthaf-#[email protected] and we have more pics of her after the flip! Strickland we have included plenty of choice pics of him as well to get you more acquainted!

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