Dating show scripts

Jerry: Because the next day in the offices, people gather around the water coolers to talk about it, right?

Start it off on Wednesday night, build up an audience.

Kimbrough: Or we could not do the show altogether, how about that?

Kimbrough: And Elaine - I wouldn't mind seeing something happening between you two. George: I tell you, I really don't think so-called relationship humor is what this show is all about.

Something that would have people talking at the water coolers. George: See, I think people would talk about it at the coffee machines. So, I saw the pilot and I've got to tell you - I flipped out.

[Jerry and George at Monks] George: I can't eat this without catsup.

Maybe if we all lie down, then our brains will work.

Jerry: You can't make a health inquiry on a cell phone.

George: Why don't you think before you do something?

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