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Pollard) [From "Notable Gun Dates" in Edgar Howard Penrose, Descriptive Catalog of the Collection of Firearms in the Museum of Applied Science of Victoria [Australia], by, Museum of Applied Science of Victoria Handbook No.The 1858 Remington pattern – Steel frame and the less expensive brass frame examples of the finest percussion pistol ever made.Regardless of the reason, it adds up to the same thing.You just can’t get that foolish permit to purchase a handgun. This represents the first introduction of firearms as an official weapon of the Royal Guard The London Gunmakers' Company initiated proofs when it was first incorporated, but it is not clear whether private proofs or a trade proof-house common to the Company was used. Duelling pistols became officially standardized weapons -then it was laid down that they should be 9 or 10 inch barreled, smooth bore flintlocks of 1 inch bore, carrying a ball of forty- eight to the pound The revolving principle is as old as firearms, but manufacturing methods permitting sufficient accuracy of workmanship and precision of boring for a really safe cylindered or chambered weapon date from There never was an official State-maintained arms factory until the Government established Enfield as a Government factory when the Birmingham gun-makers struck for higher wages in the middle of the Crimean War. 1, 1949.] Additional comments by John Spangler in Henry VII organized the corps of Yeomen of the Guard, half of whom were to carry bows and arrows while the other half were equipped with harquebuses.

They are also sometimes just one of the brainwashed misinformed masses who believe that less guns equals less crime.An elegant and finely made weapon that points like no other, but lack of quick reloads and safety notches make these guns not the ideal choice for a defensive handgun.Colt Walker .44 – This was introduced as a “horse pistol” in about 1847 and is considered the “magnum” of all percussion revolvers.Note that since I first did this testing I have learned that Hodgdon does not suggest you compress Triple Se7en.You can see my hand print in the soot that covered this gun after I shot it with real black powder.

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