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Yes, we had some comments about Solara's past, and we had that kiss in the premiere, but confirmation that, at the very least, Two is open to and capable of bisexuality is something this show has been sorely missing.

The fact that it's not questioned and that the "gay thing" isn't made into anything more than it would have been if she'd found out she was romantically linked to any other character is even better.

She is a synthetic human, who, much like Android, only has humanity as far as any human is willing to admit she possesses. Shaw didn't see the difference between Rebecca and any other person, and they developed a close personal relationship.

The fact that this show is finally giving us some semblance of a significant LGBT relationship is, frankly, awesome.

All right, I've gotta warn you fine folks before we get into this.

But first, the setup, which involves Android coming to the aid of her "robot friends," including the very attractive Victor and a few of his fellow free android compatriots.

Random Thoughts: Apparently, Android's name is Sookie. Zoie Palmer was amazing in this episode, and not because she got to play someone other than Android.

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The decision is made to take them to some secret coordinates embedded in the code of the emotional upgrade, coordinates that will take them to meet their creator. He doesn't trust androids because, in his head, they are not people. Then again, he's dating the digital consciousness of his girlfriend. The only difference between her and Android, for example, is the fact that Sarah was, at some point in the past, flesh and blood.But as much as the relationship is the thing most people will be talking about, it's also not the crux of Two's story in this episode. In those memories, we meet Portia Lin right after she started going by that name, just as she joined the crew of the Raza and brought Android with her.We see her fight and kill the former leader of the crew as a result of that action, and we see her interacting with Five (when Five was Emily).And several more recent porn films, particularly of the "parody" genre, have been considered high-enough quality in terms of acting, plot and production value that they have been successfully released in R-rated or even PG-rated edits with sexual content either reduced or all but eliminated (examples include more satisfying beyond mere titillation.Furthermore, as the stories with those characters progress with this artistic integrity in mind, the real interest for the reader will be not how bizarre the sex gets, but how the different characters get along with their differing tastes and points of view.

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