Dating antique french clocks

Hand-carved embellishments delight the visual senses, from the urn finial to the dentil molding to the intriguing beaded "floating" trim...

The bold architecture of the casework surrounding this clock is second only to the elaborate hand-carved bas relief that adorns it from the chapeau de gendarme crown to the flared base!

The exuberant carving of this long case clock must be closely examined to be fully appreciated!

Sculptors rendered old-growth French white oak into a variety of classical themes, including a flower basket atop a boldly molded, arched crown, floral & laurel garlands, and copious spiral ribbon molding.

This example has works produced by Berraud of London, with the case being made in Gy.

There are numerous shops that sell antique carriage clocks, from antique shops, online stores, auctions, and even flea markets.

Measures 103H x 20W x 10D Circa 1826This intriguing Louis XVI Long Case Clock was in working order when we acquired it, and is an intriguing blend of Country French motifs expressed on a tailored, more formal casework.

The embossed tin dial face inset with brass keeps time as the pendulum slowly works its way to and fro.

Antique carriage clocks may be plain, engraved, or have decorated panels.

Their cases are constructed with a brass frame and this can help in dating the clock.

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