Dating and marriage in madagascar

Marriages in Madagascar have exhibited a shift from arranged marriages to love marriages. For example, the Betsileos play great importance to the ancestral history and family background of the potential spouse and once they are fully satisfied they consult an astrologer to fix a date for the marriage.Marriage among cousins is not uncommon among the Bara people.

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The different ethnic groups living in Madagascar have their own food taboos which are either observed at all times or during special circumstances like pregnancy or lactation.

The side dishes are either in the fried, boiled, grilled or cooked form.

Tomato-based sauces in the highlands and coconut milk in the coastal areas are added to the cooked side dishes to enhance the flavor of the dish.

The music of the country belongs to one of the three categories of traditional, popular, and contemporary music.

The traditional music scene exhibits local variations.

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