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According to Public Opinion on Privacy, 89% of people are concerned about the level of personal information on the Internet. On social networking sites, it's common to include a lot of information on your profile.

From your employer to your religious views, think twice before you put it out on the web.

If you notice that someone else is using your name, credit cards, or other personal information, contact the Federal Trade Commission right away.

You can prosecute the person to clear your name and avoid any further issues.

Take a moment to "Google" yourself and see what others are seeing about you.The safest place to store this list is on an external flash drive that you keep with you.Certain computer programs, called keyloggers, can keep track of the keys you type and transmit this information to people who might want to steal your accounts.You've probably noticed that you begin receiving email or even phone calls after making a purchase.This can happen when a company shares your information and purchase history with others.

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