Asp net validating drop down lists

A bundled version of FIM that includes two Windows Services, and associated configuration and data.

It is not supported to use the FIM client tool but this can be useful for viewing progress and identifying errors.

There are a couple of contentious setup requirements in here. If you are having problems, firstly ensure you are following the steps below exactly.

I have a follow up article which also details the most common problems with configuring profile synchronization, which may help.

In which case you also need to configure the Service Application (after creation, details in a later step).

To provision the UPS service – we must make the DOMAIN\spfarm account a local administrator of the box hosting the UPS service. Don’t try and work around this – you won’t succeed!

On a Windows 2008 R2 Domain I recommend creating these accounts within the built in “Managed Service Accounts” Organisational Unit but you need to understand the implication of placing them there.

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There is other configuration required and in some cases additional permissions required for complex domain environments.

Install these preferably before creating your Farm using PSConfig.

The August CUs are available at: The first step is to create some Active Directory accounts which will use as service account identities for Windows Services and Share Point Application Pools.

It is also further assumed that you are not logging onto the server using the Farm Admin account or using it to access central admin!

Also, I assume that you have not used a Fully Qualified Domain Name or IP Address when specifying the SQL Server when running the Share Point Configuration Wizard (PSConfig).

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